Update: Brides Take Caution

The Rose Tree has responded to our Better Business Bureau with false statements. See the original post with photos and the full story here.




1.) We were not informed we were buying a “stock-sample” headpiece and belt. They told us they were ORDERING it.  If we would have bought stock-sample why wouldn’t they have let us take it home that day? We walked out of the store with nothing in our hands and under the assumption that we were paying full-price for new, not used items. If they were stock samples we should have been given a discount.

2.) We were NOT informed they could not order my wedding dress. IF that was the case, why didn’t they tell us? Instead, Amy literally said, “We can order this dress in your size, no problem!” She proceeded to measure me and “confirm the order” on the phone. I assume she was faking the conversation.

3.) That dress was not a new gown. It was dirty, needed cleaned and steam and had the same snags on it that the dress I tried on had. IF it were a new dress and IF they would have told us they were ordering a size 10 to be cut down, I would have canceled my order. That is 10 SIZES to big for me, what boutique would think this was a good idea? IF it were a new dress and they would have informed us why would they cut the “1” out of the size “10” dress tag inside and scratch the “1” off the tag. I will be demanding Rose Tree show us an invoice and order history with the company to prove this claim.

4.) To say that the veil came to us with no hole in it is a complete lie. Why would we put stress on ourselves and drive over two hours to replace the veil a week before the wedding? The veil had a hole in it, stop lying. More pictures of the horrible packaging can be seen below. And yes, the veil WAS the wrong length.

5.) They DID NOT offer a full refund on EVERYTHING. We have an audio recording of this conversation and will release it, if need be. All they offered was to replace the veil, which we accepted. They denied any issues with the dress.

6.) I have heard enough horror stories about The Rose Tree alterations that I would never let them touch another dress. Why would we bring a dress that they already messed up back to them? We had less than 3 weeks until the wedding and they had added enough stress. I took the dress to the best seamstress in town and she was able to save it.

7.) There is full proof that the boutique did not order a dress. It’s very clear they took the floor-size 10 model and altered it. Charging us a rush fee is fraudulent.

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Brides Take Caution


Readers note: This is a special post concerning a specific issue that needed to be brought to the attention of brides. This blog isn’t about weddings, it’s about finding vintage items. Visit my other posts (to the right and below) for regular posting.

1/8/13 Update: Rose Tree has deleted their reviews and comments section from their Facebook page. Please visit Yelp to add your story and review.

The Rose Tree Bridal Boutique, located in Ceredo, West Virginia, was completely dishonest in our transactions with them during the fall of 2013. Purchasing a wedding dress and accessories from Rose Tree resulted in having to spend nearly $1,000 to fix its mistakes. The Rose Tree claimed it was ordering a Size 0 for my wedding (in a dress we later found out isn’t made in a Size 0).

After a late arrival (and being charged for rush shipping) the dress did not fit, and it became very clear that they had taken the floor-model Size 10 dress and altered it. The dress had to undergo $630 in alterations to be wearable. The veil came with a hole in it, and we were sold a used floor-model belt and headband for full price. We have discussed the situation with the personnel, but they refuse to refund any money because we did not take the dress back to them immediately. But why would we? We knew they were being dishonest about the dress the whole time.

I am providing specific details below. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with this boutique.

• We paid $308.00 for the dress and now have a $639.00 alterations fee plus a $26.50 rush charge
• We paid $480.00 for a veil that had a hole in it and ended up with a $280.00 veil because we couldn’t get the veil we ordered (they reimbursed us $200.00 but not without prodding).
• We paid $306.00 for a used belt with a set missing that had been used on the floor. The Dressmaker’s Closet altered and repaired the belt.
• We paid $352.00 for a headband that had makeup all over it because it had been used on the floor. The Dressmaker’s Closet altered and repaired the belt.

September 10, 2013:

We visited the Rose Tree to shop for a wedding dress. I found a dress in the store but it was a Size 10. Amy, the assistant, took clips and fitted and pulled the dress to show me what it would look like if it were a smaller dress. I was measured, and a Size 0 was ordered. We were told the dress would be in by October 10, 2013. They said they would call when the dress came in.

IMG_7372 IMG_7373

October 15, 2013:
Days after the dress was supposed to be in, and still no calls, we were getting worried about the dress coming in on time, so my mom and I emailed a couple bridal companies that carry the dress and inquired about it. Our first question was, “Does it come in a size 0?” Their reply was, “This dress only comes in a 2” (red flag). We asked Rose Tree about this, and the saleswoman said she didn’t know the specifics of the order but that I would probably get a Size 2 and they would have to alter it.

October 21, 2013:
The dress arrived, 11 days late.

October 22, 2013:
My mom went to pick up the dress while I was out of town. They brought the dress up front and hung it up in a clear bag, not an actual manufactured bag from company. Everything was there except for the veil. The cashier told my mom the veil was at the alterations shop (red flag: this meant they were giving us a floor-model for full price). She was told we had to pay a rush shipping charge on the dress. She brought the dress home and inspected the dress, there were loose threads between the tulle and lining. A day later, I arrived back in town and tried on the dress. It did not fit like a Size 0 or 2…it did not fit at all.

photo (10)

October 27, 2013:
Due to our time constraint and lack of trust with Rose Tree, we took the dress to a reputable seamstress in Charleston. Julie Wirts, owner of The Dressmaker’s Closet, told us that there were obvious signs this was a Size 10 cut down. The “1” on the Size “10” tag was cut off to appear as a Size 0. The “1” was erased from the paper tag hanging off the dress to look the same way. The entire bodice of the dress had to be refitted with new fabric. Additionally, the belt was missing a jewel, and the headpiece was stained with makeup from people trying it on in the store.


The bustline of the dress was obviously a Size 10, not a Size 0.

IMG_8032 IMG_8031

The waist had been altered to a 24-inch waist, but the back was left as a Size 10. It was clear this was not a manufactured Size 0.


The “1” from the “10” was scratched off the ticket to make it appear as if this were a Size 0.

IMG_8250 IMG_8249

The back and shoulders were huge. All this fabric had to replaced with new fabric.


This is honestly the most bizarre part of it all: They literally cut the “1” out of the Size “10” and left the “0.”

IMG_8255IMG_8256 IMG_8257

November 6, 2013:
I received the veil via UPS. There was hot glue visible on the comb area, the length was wrong and there was a huge hole in it.

photo 5

November 7, 2013:
The next morning we went to talk to the manager (Debbie) of Rose Tree. We showed her the veil with the hole in it and said we wanted our money back. She asked if we wanted to look at the veils that they had in the store. We found a veil similar to the style of the original veil. She steamed the new veil in the back and brought it out to us. I asked her how much the veil was, and she said, “I don’t know, I threw the tag away.” I said, “The one I brought back was $480.00, and I need to know how much this one is.” She came back and the veil was only $280.00. I told her I wanted my account credited for that amount. We then told her we have bigger problems and proceeded to tell her about the dress.


All this is to say: think twice about giving business to this boutique. My experience with them caused alot of unnecessary frustration. We lost alot of money in this process and we don’t want you to do the same.

If you have had a similar experience with Rose Tree please rate them on Facebook, Yelp and help spread the word.

Thanks so much to Julie at Dressmaker’s Closet for fixing this mess (this is not the first, Rose Tree dress she has had to repair). I don’t know what we would have done without you. Wedding-day photos by Rachel Rowland.

dress2 dress final


mom2 dress4 kerrinme

This is my personal account with the boutique. 



After posting this, I was shocked by the number of people who also experienced  issues and commented on my Facebook post. PLEASE share your experiences below and on the following pages:

Wedding Wire (Rose Tree reviews page)

Rose Tree’s on Facebook (they have removed their reviews section due to the overwhelming amount of posts)

WV Weddings (to alert other brides)

Rose Tree on Yelp (all negative reviews are hidden here)


Rose Tree responded to our complaint to Better Business Bureau with misinformation.
Please read and share.

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A stroll with my 35mm

I took my Canon AE-1 out for a stroll last night for New Years Eve in Pittsburgh, PA. I own several Canon 35mm SLR cameras, but I really recommend this one for beginners and those interested in getting into film photography for a lower price. You can buy a Canon AE-1 on Ebay for less than $75. The AE-1 wasn’t designed to be a “pro” camera but instead to offer simple camera controls and automatic aperture for beginners, while also offering various manual controls to appeal to more experienced photographers. My suggestion is if you ever see this classic camera at an antique market, purchase it. You can’t beat the richness of film.

Check out this Flickr gallery of AE-1 photos.






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Vintage Headpiece Gets A Makeover



A couple years ago I came across a vintage, white headpiece while browsing Brimfield. I spotted it, liked the style and color and bought it for $5.






Since then, it has been sitting in a drawer waiting to receive a makeover. It was missing alot of foam beads, flowers and leaves (see above). Most of the headpiece was void of anything and the fabric was ripping. This year (thanks to my loving mom) it received a necessary facelift.




She wrapped the headband in gold ribbon, replaced the old (styrofoam) beads with plastic ones and re-used the small, green leaves for texture. The result is a pretty awesome Christmas headband.






thanks mom

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Christmas Presents: Vintage Cameras



My brother (top) with his Kodak Colorburst 100. And my husband (bottom) with his Brownie 8mm movie camera.

Both cameras purchased as Christmas gifts at Vavoom in Bisbee.

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VaVoom: Bisbee, Arizona


We wandered into VaVoom after grabbing lunch one day in Bisbee, Arizona. Little did I know, I would discover every single Christmas gift for my brother in this store. I could spend hours in there. Their selection of old books, magazines, clothing, postcards and unique military attire was amazing. They have an eclectic array of merchandise from vintage, retro & alternative, focusing on styles from the 30’s to the 60’s.

Check them out on Etsy to shop online!















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Vintage Wedding Photobooth


(all photos taken by the talented Rachel Rowland *hire her*)

You can call me Mrs. Sheldon now! I’m happy to say, I recently married my best friend Kerrin Sheldon.


At the wedding, we incorporated some thrift and vintage finds you may have seen on this blog. My old cameras,umbrellas, suitcases, globes, hats, glasses and jewelry were all used in a 1920s-themed photo booth.

Check out photos from the whole event (captured by the lovely Rachel Rowland) here.

photobooth10 photobooth9 photobooth4 IMG-951






Our friends having fun in the booth!


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Funky Monkey- New Orleans

After a year long hiatus…I’m back!

I’m currently in New Orleans with some friends for a bachelorette shindig and today we explored Magazine Street, which is packed with awesome vintage, antique and thrift stores. We spent quite a bit of time in Funky Monkey because their selection is awesome and prices are great. If you’re looking for graphic tees ($10 and up) or vintage dresses ($20 and up), you have to check out their selection.

Here are some more thrift stores, antique stores and vintage clothing stores on Magazine Street!

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Seattle Antiques Market

*This is a continuation of posts from my trip to the Pacific Northwest. Don’t worry, I will be blogging about Boston again soon!

If you’re in Seattle and you love antiques, don’t miss out on the Seattle Antiques Market. It is filled with a wide-range of antiques all for reasonable prices. This store has everything from old B&W photographs to telephone booths!

It is located along the water, get directions here!


Great selection of magazines and records starting at $3.

For the camera buffs.

There were several boxes of old postcards for $1 each.

Seattle Antiques Market

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Easy Street Records: Seattle

This past week I was out in the Pacific Northwest visiting friends in Seattle and Portland. I made sure to check out a couple antique/thrift/record stores along the way! One of those stores was Easy Street Records. They have two locations in Seattle; one in West Seattle and one in Queen Anne. We visited the Queen Anne store (directions here) and had a blast digging through all the used records in the back of the store and giving them a listen in the store. In the end I walked away with five records, including an awesome Tom Tom Club album, for under $15 bucks!

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First Fridays TONIGHT!

Stop by the SoWa Vintage Market, at 460C Harrison Ave, tonight from 5 to 9 pm for SoWa First Fridays! Details here

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DiscoVision Vintage: SoWa Vintage Market

Disco Vision Vintage specializes in old-school video games (Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis/Atari etc), Polaroid cameras, records, vintage clothing and footwear, and general vintage electronica. His selection of leather boots and records is what drew me to his booth, but there are plenty more deals for under $50. Visit their Facebook page to see details on video games they sell or contact them at discoVisionVintage@gmail.com. If your into old school electronics, vinyl and video games this booth is worth checking out every Sunday at SoWa!

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Swift and Faire: SoWa Vintage Market

Swift and Faire’s booth is located right next to Vintage Finesse at the SoWa Vintage Market. They carry Men’s and Women’s apparel and accessories from the 40s-90s.  They also carry a nice selection of vintage furs and are available to work with photographers and stylist to find pieces to meet their needs.

In addition to selling every Sunday at SoWa they are also at the Drill Hall Flea Marketin Somerville. This month you can find them at the Drill Hall Flea on 3/11 and 3/25. They are also going to have their first show at Brimfield in May.

Check out their collection on Tumblr and follow them on Facebook for updates!

$47 1980’s Leather Cognac boots

More information on the Drill Hall Flea Market:
Click here for directions
Hours and Dates: 10 am to 4 pm; March 11, 25 & April 15, 29

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Vintage Finesse: SoWa Vintage Market

Vintage Finesse sells a variety of nostalgic items, including antique lamps, book ends, furniture, glassware, clothing, silver and prints. But what drew me to the booth was their cameras. As you may know already, I’m a little obsessed with old cameras. Vintage Finesse’s cameras were over $50 but still reasonable and in good condition. The Minolta is $85 and the Praktica is priced at $75…both come with great leather cases. Vintage Finesse, along with the other vendors at SoWa Vintage Market, will be open for First Friday (3/2) from 5-9 p.m. and again Sunday 10- 4. Overall the booth had great variety, I look forward to finding more treasures at Vintage Finesse in the future!

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Gypsy: SoWa Vintage Market

Gypsy was probably my favorite clothing vendor at the SoWa Vintage Market. In my opinion, they had the nicest selection of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories–especially from the decades I tend to gravitate toward. Yesterday, Fall/Winter items were 40% off. Ruth, one of the owners working the booth, plans to bring out Spring clothing next Sunday. I ended up buying a nice pair of boots for 40% off, two blouses and an adorable pair of earrings.

The quality of all the clothing, shoes and purses was impeccable and she had some very unique dresses and high-end clothing for less than $50. In addition to their booth every Sunday at the Sowa Vintage Market they have a booth 7 days a week at the Rhode Island Antiques Mall in Pawtucket and they also hold house parties! Email gypsy@findgypsy.com to have them come to you, click here to see their schedule or check out their Facebook page for updates and information.

The adorable turquoise earrings I snagged!

LOVE these dresses.




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